List of mathematical symbol shortcuts supported in Google Docs equations


The Google Docs equation editor allows entering certain mathematical symbols and operations via a LaTeX\LaTeX-style command syntax.

In addition to the symbols listed in the various dropdown menus in the equation toolbar, there are also several other undocumented commands recognized by Google Docs.

This page is an attempt at compiling a complete list of all commands that can be used in an equation.
As of August 2020, there's a total of 173 supported commands I know of.


Symbol Command Symbol Command
\leftarrow \leftarrow \uparrow \uparrow
\rightarrow \rightarrow \downarrow \downarrow
\leftrightarrow \leftrightarrow \updownarrow \updownarrow
\Leftarrow \Leftarrow \Uparrow \Uparrow
\Rightarrow \Rightarrow \Downarrow \Downarrow
\Leftrightarrow \Leftrightarrow \Updownarrow \Updownarrow

Greek letters

Symbol Command Symbol Command
α\alpha \alpha σ\sigma \sigma
β\beta \beta ς\varsigma \varsigma
γ\gamma \gamma τ\tau \tau
δ\delta \delta υ\upsilon \upsilon
ϵ\epsilon \epsilon ϕ\phi \phi
ε\varepsilon \varepsilon φ\varphi \varphi
ζ\zeta \zeta χ\chi \chi
η\eta \eta ψ\psi \psi
θ\theta \theta ω\omega \omega
ϑ\vartheta \vartheta Γ\Gamma \Gamma
ι\iota \iota Δ\Delta \Delta
κ\kappa \kappa Θ\Theta \Theta
λ\lambda \lambda Λ\Lambda \Lambda
μ\mu \mu Ξ\Xi \Xi
ν\nu \nu Π\Pi \Pi
ξ\xi \xi Σ\Sigma \Sigma
π\pi \pi Υ\Upsilon \Upsilon
ϖ\varpi \varpi Φ\Phi \Phi
ρ\rho \rho Ψ\Psi \Psi
ϱ\varrho \varrho Ω\Omega \Omega


Symbol Command Symbol Command
\leq \leq \asymp \asymp
\geq \geq \approx \approx
\prec \prec \ne \ne
\succ \succ \subset \subset
\preceq \preceq \supset \supset
\succeq \succeq \subseteq \subseteq
\ll \ll \supseteq \supseteq
\gg \gg \in \in
\equiv \equiv \ni \ni
\sim \sim \notin \notin
\simeq \simeq

Miscellaneous operations

Symbol Command Symbol Command
×\times \times \vee \vee
÷\div \div \wedge \wedge
\cdot \cdot \cap \cap
±\pm \pm \cup \cup
\mp \mp \aleph \aleph
\ast \ast \Re \Re
\star \star \Im \Im
\circ \circ \top \top
\bullet \bullet \bot \bot
\oplus \oplus \infty \infty
\ominus \ominus \partial \partial
\oslash \oslash \forall \forall
\otimes \otimes \exists \exists
\odot \odot ¬\neg \neg
\dagger \dagger \triangle \triangle
\ddagger \ddagger \diamond \diamond


Symbol Command Symbol Command
()() \rbracelr x˙\dot{x} \dot
{}\{\} \sbracelr x¨\ddot{x} \ddot
[][] \bracelr x~\tilde{x} \tilde
\dots \dots x\underline{x} \underline
\ldots \ldots x\overline{x} \overline
\cdots \cdots xˉ\bar{x} \bar
\vdots \vdots x^\hat{x} \hat
\vdash \vdash x^\widehat{x} \widehat
x\vec{x} \vec


Symbol Command Symbol Command
xy\frac{x}{y} \frac \|\| \abs
x\sqrt{x} \sqrt ab\sum_{a}^{b} \sum, \sumab
xn\sqrt[n]{x} \rootof ab\prod_{a}^{b} \prod, \prodab
xbx_{b} \subscript ab\coprod_{a}^{b} \coprod, \coprodab
xax^{a} \superscript ab\bigcap_{a}^{b} \bigcap, \bigcapab
xbax_{b}^{a} \subsuperscript ab\bigcup_{a}^{b} \bigcup, \bigcupab


Symbol Command
ab\int_{a}^{b} \int, \intab
ab\oint_{a}^{b} \oint, \ointab
inf\inf \inf
sup\sup \sup
lim\lim lim, lima
limab\lim_{a \to b} \limab
lim inf\liminf \liminf, \liminfa
lim infab\liminf_{a \to b} \liminfab
lim sup\limsup limsup, \limsupa
lim supab\limsup_{a \to b} \limsupab

Linear algebra

Symbol Command
ker\ker \ker
det\det \det
dim\dim \dim

Probability theory

Symbol Command
Pr\Pr \Pr
(nk)\binom{n}{k} \choose, \binom, \binomab


Symbol Command Symbol Command
sin\sin \sin sec\sec \sec
sinh\sinh \sinh csc\csc \csc
arcsin\arcsin \arcsin cot\cot \cot
cos\cos \cos coth\coth \coth
cosh\cosh \cosh arg\arg \arg
arccos\arccos \arccos deg\deg \deg
tan\tan \tan
tanh\tanh \tanh
arctan\arctan \arctan


Symbol Command
min\min \min, \mina
max\max \max, \maxa
exp\exp \exp
ln\ln \ln
lg\lg \lg
log\log \log
gcd\gcd \gcd
hom\hom \hom
\hbar \hbar